Status Callbacks

There is support for initiating a callback to an https URL every time there is a status update to one of the payout transactions. In order to enable this feature, please provide a callback URL to your account representative. The URL will receive a POST request with the following payload format for every status change for a transaction.

  "payout_token": "ba4275f2-bae1-488d-9d6f-20af1cd83574",
  "client_transfer_id": "aEjn345",
  "source_currency_code": "USD",
  "destination_currency_code": "MXN",
  "source_token": "ba4275f2-bae1-488d-9d6f-20af1cd83574",
  "destination_token": "d2138fd0-00be-45a8-985f-4f5bde500962",
  "destination_amount": 100.5,
  "source_amount": 100.5,
  "attr_set_token": "b1a867c1-6e36-4525-b6d5-a20bac80e3b0",
  "exchange_rate": 18.55,
  "fee": 2.99,
  "expiration": "2019-10-30T05:40:58.475Z",
  "status": "PENDING"
  "load_token": "ba4275f2-bae1-488d-9d6f-20af1cd83574",
  "time_of_load": "2019-10-24T22:54:54.793Z",
  "client_load_id": "aEjn345",
  "source_token": "ba4275f2-bae1-488d-9d6f-20af1cd83574",
  "wallet_token": "ba4275f2-bae1-488d-9d6f-20af1cd83574",
  "amount": 100.5,
  "source_currency_code": "USD",
  "notes": "Commission payment for July",
  "status": "COMPLETED"