0.1.3 to 0.1.4

0.1.3 to 0.1.4:

  • Added ability to schedule future loads.
  • Added time_to_process to LoadTxn object
  • Added status to Load object
  • Changed LoadTxnResp payout_token to load_token
  • Changed LoadTxnResp status field to COMPLETED,CANCELLED,SCHEDULED
  • Added SCHEDULED as a possible value for status of transaction
  • Added support for scheduled load status callback
  • Fixed an issue with GET /user/lookup that returns status code 405 instead of 404 when user is not found
  • Fixed a bug that in some scenarios when destination_amount is provided instead of source_amount, the destination_amount was adjusted
  • Added /wallet/{user_token}/{wallet_token}/autopay to create, list, remove AutoPay rules to automatically initiate a payout upon an incoming load into a wallet
  • Added metadata property to Loads, Payouts, Spendbacks and Users
  • Added support for Accept-Encoding:gzip for endpoints that return larger payloads like /country/{country_code}/cheapest
  • Added client_transfer_id to TxnHistoryResp
  • Added user_token to country services request to allow to tailor response to provided user
  • Added support for lookup with internal user id
  • Added support for notify_user in initiatePayout